About Tynestar Apparel

When we started TyneStar* Apparel we wanted to create a brand based upon our own ethics and principals. 

We wanted to create a brand with a home, and a clearly defined identity, produced as locally and responsibly as possible.

Premium apparel, created without limitations.

All of our designs and branding are inspired by the North East and surrounding area, by the people, by the geography and by the northern ideologies that make this area so distinct.

To that end our illustrators and designers are all local, our garments are sourced responsibly within the United Kingdom, embroidery and printing happen just north of Newcastle, our items are hand finished and packaged in Whitley Bay and we distribute from a location in central Newcastle.  This means that our money, and yours in turn, is invested directly into the local economy, by local people, and spent with local businesses, which we believe ultimately benefits all of us.

We love what we do, and we hope you do too.